Here Are Some Creative Tips To Produce Your Video

Consider having your presentation narrated…

Narration can be done…

  • by a close family member

  • by an adorable child in the family

  • by a proud parent

  • by a grandparent

  • by a friend

  • or a combination of friends and loved ones taking turns

Narration can contain a poem, either authored or original

Narration can have a theme…

“When it was Dovid's turn to lein, he hit a home run!”

Favorite story
“… and they lived happily ever after!”

Torah discussion
“How do we dance in front of the Kallah..”

Broadway play narrative
“Friends, countrymen, lend me your ears… So that I shall become an ear doctor…


Think about Sound Effects.


  • Invitations

  • Newspaper clippings

  • Birth Certificates

  • Membership Cards

  • Pictures of the family



  • The family singing together

  • Friends acting together


Come up with a Story or Theme like...

  • A sport the subject enjoys

  • A faux news report

  • A movie genre (horror, comedy, tear jerker)


Or let's make a music video!


With Revaya Productions, the possibilities are endless!